Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mitt Romney picks up Key Endorsement

Moving on Up

On the same steps that JFK announced his presidential candidacy in 1960, Mitt Romney stood in front of Nashua City Hall and secured a key endorsement by first term New Hampshire Senator, Kelly Ayotte. - Fox News Article

Ayotte was one of Palin's "Mama Grizzlies" in 2010, and is a former state attorney general.

"Mitt Romney has proven through his experience as a successful businessman, effective governor, and by his excellent presidential debate performances that he is best prepared to lead our country and ensure Barack Obama is a one-term president," Ayotte said. - Fox News Article

Evidently all that time spent in New Hampshire is paying off.  Political analysts have been wondering whether Romney's lack of presence in Iowa and his concentration on New Hampshire would hurt him.  However Iowa has been rather fickle during republican primary season.  Iowa, a conservative Christian leaning state typically favors solidly Christian Conservatives.  Romney has been painted by some in the Christian Conservative movement as a "bandwagon" Christian.  His Mormon faith has also been called into question.  So why not cut your loses and take your campaign out of Iowa and go someplace where religion is not at the first and foremost political talking point.  Makes sense to me.  Besides, with Florida immediately after Iowa, I believe that will be the new game changer in election cycles.  Florida is one of only a few states that can claim they represent the United States as a small "snapshot" of all the demographics.  If Romney can take New Hampshire and Florida, its pretty much locked up from there.  Add Newt to the ticket and you have your conservative "Street Credit" amongst republican voters.

Perpetual Runner Up

Romney has been a perpetual runner-up this election cycle, taking a second place showing virtually every week to a new candidate of the day.  It feels like polled republicans are looking for anyone but Romney.
What is everyone afraid of?  Oh yeah, Romneycare and the whole Massachusetts governor thing.

So far Ayotte is the first of the Republican member of the congressional delegation in New Hampshire to back a candidate.  Is this the start of Romney's turn at first place?

Recently, Romney has taken a back seat to surging Newt Gingrich.  Polls show Gingrich as the front runner of the field with 23 percent and Romney with 22 percent.  Could we see a Gingrich/Romney ticket?  Or a Romney/Gingrich ticket?

What about Herman Cain?

HasBeen.  Ok thats a bit premature and harsh, but with all the controversy around Herman Cain's past history related to the sexual misconduct allegations, he appears to be a lame duck.  Don't get me wrong, any normal politician could easily spin the allegations and make it out to be nothing much and still win the nomination.  Just look at Bill Clinton and the Jennifer Flowers scandal during the 1992 election cycle.  However Herman Cain is no politician.  He was the golden boy media darling for a little bit, but now he just looks like a creepy business executive.  Not a creepy politician which could be forgiven by the electorate, evidently.

Well that might explain why Newt's previous marriage and all the controversy around that is being overlooked.  He's a politician.

Romney's Next Move

Taking a page out of Newt's playbook, Romney has started to attack Obama more and more and not other Republicans.  During his appearance with Ayotte on his visit to New Hampshire, he also took the opportunity to step up his criticism of President Obama, and what Romney characterizes as the President's "failed leadership" in trying to get the Super Committee to come to a consensus. - Fox News Article

"He has not taken personal responsibility to get the Super Committee to find ways to balance our budget and cut spending," he said.

Instead, Romney says, President Obama "set a trap" with $454 billion in cuts to military spending at stake should the Super Committee fail. "We cannot put the United States security in jeopardy by the failure of this committee and the failure of his leadership." Fox News Article

 Trigger, Trap, same thing.  On Wednesday the super committee needs to find 1.2 Trillion dollars to cut from the federal budget otherwise a trigger mechanism kicks in and and automatically starts to cut things like military budgets.  Oh who thought that was a good idea when crafting such a measure?  Oh yeah, the Liberal Progressives in Washington along with spineless republicans not willing to do what is right thing.

Oh well, time to hang my Gadsden Flag back up and rally the folks.  What do you think of a new slogan for the tea Party ... How about #Occupy_The_White_House?

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