Sunday, November 13, 2011

Media Shaping Politics causes Bachman to claim bias.

Media shaping your facts

Its no secret that in part, the media shapes and forms the political dialogue of the modern politics.  They have the ability to sway public opinion by putting story after story in from of millions of readers who eagerly digest the words as pure fact, and accept them as gospel.

Case in point, the recent attacks on Herman Cain for the alleged harassment from 20 years ago.  The media has ran no less than 87 stories in the first week.  That is more than all the stories combined over the past three years and during the campaign 208 discussing Barack Obama's ties with 60's terrorist Bill Ayers and other radical socialists.  (Yes Barry, I really don't believe you when you say he's just some guy next door who let me borrow his house to start your political career, wink wink.)   The Herman Cain story has been shoved down our throats so much lately that the media is suffering a backlash.

See video of Maria Bartoromo being boo'ed by the audience for asking about the allegations.  You know, she was nicknamed the "Money Honey" on CNBC.  I wonder if she'll sue someone for harassment?

What about Michelle Backman

I digress ... Back to Michelle Backman.  Today her campaign actively and openly complained that CBS conspired to not ask her many questions, and not any on substance.  Her camp has obtained email threads from CBS staffers that show that they discussed how Michelle was no longer real candidate with any chance and so should not get any questions during today's debate.
CBS News’s political director, John Dickerson, made the mistake of saying basically that in an e-mail and accidentally sending it to the campaign of Representative Michele Bachmann.  Mr. Dickerson e-mailed his colleagues that he would prefer to “get someone else” other than the Minnesota congresswoman for an online show after the CBS News/National Journal debate on Saturday night

Really? Last I checked, she didn't resign from running?  Who are you CBS to attempt to influence the outcome of the debate by skewing questions!

This is exactly why more and more people are turning to other outlets for their news.  Integrity is lacking in the main stream.

What about Newt?  Two weeks ago he was considered a long shot/last place candidate.  Now there are talks about a resurgence to the number two spot after Herman Cain.  (Poor Romney)  If CBS took these steps to sideline Newt we may not have even heard about his climb in the polls.

What to do for the general voter ...

The first thing everyone should do is educate themselves about the policies and positions of every candidate.  Use every available outlet to gather enough information to make you comfortable with a few candidates and follow them in the media, all media.  Then come election day, make an educated vote count.

What about the person who doesn't educate themselves about all the issues?  That's an interesting question.  What if one candidate has one stance on an issue that is dear to your heart?  Say abortion.  Do you vote for that person just for the one issue?  Well, no you shouldn't, and that's the game politicians and the media play with the electorate.  They focus on hot button topics and brush aside others that just don't fit their agenda and before you know it, your hope and change turns into "You hope the change in your pocket can buy you some food." "Ignore the man behind the curtain, raising taxes on everyone, but calling it a tax on the wealthy, ignore economics 101."  Learn the truth.  Then go act on it.

What if you don't like anyone.  Don't vote.  By not voting you send a clear message that they all suck as choices.  They better get it right next time.  Sure you might get stuck with someone you don't like, but lets face it, if you didn't like them enough to vote for them before, then whats the difference.


NY Times on Email from CBS

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