Sunday, November 6, 2011

Giuliani blames Obama for Occupy Wall Street

NYC Mayor Making Waves Blames Obama

Not mixing words, former mayor of NYC Rudolph Giuliani puts blame for the Occupy Wall Street movement squarely on Obama's shoulders.

Not mixing words, Giuliani says ... "This is a very dangerous movement, and it's ironic it's happening under a president who promised to unify us," Giuliani said. "Barack Obama owns the Occupy Wall Street movement, it would not have happened but for his class warfare."

Giuliani further predicted the movement would spell the end of Obama's presidency.

Now before you go and dismiss this remark, think about this ...
Mayor Giuliani was known for his heavy handed yet lawful cleanup of the city of New York.  His policies, deemed, quality of life laws, where designed to clean up everything from pan handlers to squeegee men, to subway vagrants.
His take no $h!t attitude was both abrasive and effective at turning NYC around.  His command of the post 911 emergency response gave him the street credit of leader amongst men.  And now, his endorsement is one of the most sought after in the election season.

BTW I fully believe if he didn't bow out of the run for Senate due to his cancer, he would have run over Hillary in the polls.  Ahh I can dream right?

Violence Plagues Occupy Wall Street Movements

So now for the ex-Mayor of NYC to say this whole mess with Occupy Wall Street is Obamas fault, plays a big role and has some weight in the election cycle, especially since the protests have become nuisances at the least, and dangerous at the worst.

OK, before you jump on me for that last comment, just Google Occupy Wall Street Crimes.  You see everything from Rapes, to Gropping, to Fights, and Theft.  Oh and don't forget the mass destruction to property in Oakland and other cities.  Way top get your message across folks!  Note to protesters, people stopped caring once the violence was started.  Its now just a cool party and free food.  At least until the riot police shut everything down.  And isn't that what Van Jones really wants!!!  Top Down, Bottom Up and Inside Out. (Lets see if anyone gets that little tidbit of obscure reference)

Bloomberg's Response

So whats Bloomberg's response to the crime and violence at OWS?  Well not much.  A strong statement about not tolerating violance is all the Mayor can muster.
Michael Bloomberg, expressed his disapproval of Occupy Wall Street activists on Thursday.
There were sexual assaults and a possible rape at the protesters' gathering place in Zuccotti Park. Their behavior was "despicable and ... outrageous," which makes "all of us less safe," Bloomberg said.

Wow, that will stop it Mike!  For a second I thought things were out of control.  I'm glad you are on our side?
Wow, how pathetic.  With reports of violence and rape, do you think for one second OWS would be still in the streets with Mayor Giuliani at the helm?  Not a chance.  The place would have been swept clean and ready for Monday's rush hour and on Monday there would have been a sea of Blue Shirts (NYPD) just waiting for someone to show up.

Election time couldn't come fast enough.

Now where did I put my Obama Money ...


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