Sunday, October 2, 2011

Voter Turnout "Rock the Vote Bias"

Below are several videos on youth Voter Turnout in elections.  The first is a video discussing the voter drive called "Rock the Vote."  A term used by Music Media to spur the music loving (watching) youth into turning out to vote for a candidate.  While these voter drives appear on the outside to be non-partisan, in reality, they typically trend towards voter turnout of one particular candidate.

The first video is with Heather Smith from the "Rock the Vote" campaign discussing the 2010 midterm elections (prior to November).  In the first few minutes Ms. Smith claims the youth are hesitant to vote this year (2010) due to frustration with the process, corporate influence in politics, and are hungry for leadership like in Obama's Campaign in 2008 but now feel used due to the lack of what they expected to be the "change" promised.
She goes on to describe how the youth vote is turned off by the Tea Party and suggests that the tea party is for the older folks.

Clearly the bias is towards the democratic party, and while her demographic may not be provable, she makes a huge leap of faith judgement that "Rock the Vote" is mostly representative of the youth.

Successive videos are a bit older but of the same campaign "Rock The Vote" and so the same biases.

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