Sunday, September 18, 2011

Electoral College - Does it work ?

The following C-Span video examines and argues for and against the Electoral College process of electing our president.
Recent events from the 2000 elections as well as other elections bring up the arguments for change in our Electoral College system of politics to winner take all democratic popular vote.  But that changes the election dynamic and disenfranchises whole swaths of our country.  What the video clip and you decide.
Only three times in history has the electoral college changes the election from the popular vote:
1876 Rutherford B Hayes vs. Samuel Tilden
1888 Benjamin Harrison vs. Grover Cleveland
2000 George Bush vs. Al Gore

Below is the Bush-Cheney Florida Recount Press Conference discussing the electoral college votes needed from Florida to win the election of 2000

Below is a video clip of a pitch for popular vote vs electoral college from former presidential candidate John Anderson.

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